Drew is Chris' cooler and more popular younger brother who effortlessly attracts all the girls that Chris has crushes on. Even though he is younger than Chris he is bigger. Drew is mischievous, as well as cool and talented compared to Chris. Whenever Chris gets in trouble, Drew's always there to let Chris know just how deep in trouble he's in. Despite this, Drew is shown in one episode to idolize in his older brother and wishes he could do some things Chris could do (such as take three buses to school every day). Drew is also a fan of NHL great Wayne Gretzky. In another episode, Chris joins Drew on a trip to find Gretzky while he is in town. Drew is often at odds with his sister, Tonya and they are always causing trouble together. He is potrayed by Tequan Richmond. His character is based on Tony Rock, Chris Rock's real brother.

"Wasn't me."

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