Everybody Hates Baseball
Everybody Hates Baseball was the 18th episode of the second season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 40th episode overall. It premired on March 26, 2007.

SHORT SUMMARY: Chris must decide whether he wants to go to a Mets game with his father and brother or to go see "Back To The Future" with Tasha. Meanwhile, Rochelle's slacker brother asks her hairdresser, Vanessa (Jackée Harry), out on a date, and Rochelle tries to talk her out of going. Rochelle forgets to mail Tonya's letter to the Billy Ocean Fan Club.

Narrator: My mother had lost more stuff in her purse than the Bermuda Triangle. She lost little things.
Rochelle: There's my lipstick.
Narrator: She lost big things.
Rochelle: There's that skillet.
Narrator: She lost great big things.
Rochelle: There's that gallon of milk.
Narrator: And things she didn't know how she lost.
Rochelle: There's my purse.
Narrator: They might have found Biggie's killer if they looked inside my mother's purse.

Narrator: If Tasha were here to do her voice-over, she would admit that she's heartbroken.
Adult Tasha: [narrating] No, I wouldn't. I wasn't heartbroken, I don't even remember this happening.
Tasha: So I'll see you later?
Chris: Um, yeah. OK.
Narrator: While Tasha silently suffered in Brooklyn…
Adult Tasha: [narrating] I wasn't suffering then and I'm not suffering now— I don't care.

Monk: Ask anybody. They'll tell you. You can always hang out with your daddy. Go to the movie.
Jerome: Go to the game, man. You know if my father wasn't in jail, that's what I'd do.
Mr. Omar: Yeah, go to the game, but whatever you do, don't sit behind home plate. My father was killed by a line drive to the medulla oblongata. Tragic!
Risky: Go to the game. My father never took me 'cause I was a test tube baby. Want some peanuts?
Kill Moves: Why don't you and the girl go see a movie about the game that your father's goin' to?

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