Everybody Hates Big Bird
Everybody Hates Big Bird was the eighth episode of the fourth and final season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 74th episode overall. It premired on November 21, 2008.

SHORT SUMMARY: Chris agrees to go on a date with "Big Bird" , the dorkiest girl in school, but only to spare her feelings. Meanwhile, Rochelle hopes for the Jets to win the big football game, whereas Julius bets on the Giants.

Vanessa: [explaining her date with Kill Moves] We opened the champagne, headed for the seaport. There was a pink helicopter waitin' for me.
Narrator: You can hear about the rest of Vanessa's date at www.vanessa'sbigdatewithkillmoves.tv.

Chris: Lemme make it up to you. Lemme take you out again.
Kelly: No. Never. Het. Noya…
Narrator: Unfortunately for me, Kelly spoke 15 languages.
Kelly: …Jo. Cuwa. Momo. Tla.
Narrator: Was that Cherokee?
Kelly: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

Narrator: Tonight's episode was brought to you by the letters D, A, M, and N!

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