Everybody Hates Cake
Everybody Hates Cake was the second episode of the fourth and final season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 68th episode overall. It premired on October 10, 2008.

SHORT SUMMARY: Chris is asked to tutor an androgynous classmate named Angel (Hector Garcia), so he can get the attention of another student. When Mr. Omar goes away for a week, he asks Drew and Tonya to watch after his goldfish. Meanwhile Tasha's ex-con mother, Peaches (Tisha Campbell-Martin) asks Rochelle for help to turn her life around. In the end, Greg is kicked out of the Bronx Academy of Science, and becomes a nerd again. This episode reunites Tisha Campbell Martin and Tichina Arnold, who both starred in Little Shop of Horrors and Martin.

FULL RECAP: There are many standout moments during this episode of Everybody Hates Chris, first and foremost the scenes featuring former Martin co-stars Tichina Arnold and Tisha Campbell Martin. Tisha plays Peaches, a recently released ex-convict (she unintentionally aided and abetted her thieving boyfriend by sitting in the getaway car and not running away when the cops came) who also happens to be the mother of Tasha, Chris’ first and former crush from the building.

Despite Rochelle’s initial disdain for loudmouthed Peaches and her brash ways — such as barging in on the Rocks for a meal … with her man … uninvited … over an hour after they already ate — the two mothers end up having some thing in common. That would be their mutual disrespect for meter maids, as the funny scenes with them abusing their neighborhood version in identical manners show.

Meanwhile, still trying to get used to high school at Tattaglia without his best friend Greg there, Chris quickly realizes the only fellow student he has a connection with is Caruso, who still abuses him whenever possible. At least he can be happy about Home Ec, where all the girls look like they’re from Victoria’s Secret and the classroom always smells like biscuits.

Chris is a big hit in Home Ec because he knows how to cook. But the one girl he takes a liking to, Maria (Marisol Esparza), couldn’t care less, which leads to Chris striking a deal with androgynous — as in Prince, Boy George, Janet Reno, etcetera — classmate Angel (Hector A. Garcia). In exchange for teaching Angel how to cook, Angel promises to help Chris in the girl department since the female students accept him as part of their group.

Angel delivers when Maria is impressed with a cake Chris helped him bake. Yet, Chris eventually learns Maria wants help with baking to surprise her crush, the jock Dickerson, who insists that his women know their way around a kitchen. The disappointment evaporates soon, though, because the episode ends with Greg showing up at the school and turning back into a nerd after his tough guy act gets him kicked out of Bronx Academy. Caruso looks like he couldn’t be happier.

A third subplot focuses on Tonya and Drew, who land a nice paying gig feeding Mr. Omar’s (Ernest Thomas) fish while he’s away. His only stipulation is they can’t touch anything in his apartment.

Unfortunately, that responsibility is too big for Tonya. She can’t stop herself from watching her crush Danny Glover on Mr. Omar’s videotape of The Color Purple, and the VCR’s changed counter gives her away. As a result, she and her brother have to return the ten bucks they earned.

QUOTES: Chris: What's up with the outfit?
Narrator: And the makeup
Angel: I'm androgynous, silly
Dr. Information: Around 1986, a new trend emerged called androgyny. Inspired by the looks of personalities such as Boy George, Prince, Grace Jones and Attorney General Janet Reno, gender benders, as they were also called, stretched the perceptions of what it meant to be male or female.

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