Everybody Hates Doc's
Everybody Hates Doc's was the sixth episode of the fourth and final season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 72nd episode overall. It premired on November 7, 2008.

SHORT SUMMARY: Doc's new girlfriend, Stacy (Robin Givens), makes Chris' life complicated, so he decides that she and Doc should break up. Meanwhile, Tonya starts wearing a bra to get attention from boys.

Stacy: It is the same thing over and over again, and Stacy is tired of it! Stacy is not a fool! When Stacy smells smoke, Stacy doesn't stand around and wait for the fire! Stacy is leaving!
Narrator: Referrin' to yourself in the third person. It ain't just for athletes no more.

Narrator: Believe it or not, Doc's girlfriend was the second-worst boss I've had. Mr. Fong was the worst, and I could only imagine how hard it would be workin' for him again.
Mr. Fong: Hey, quit imagining what it would be like to work for me and get back to work, Lionel Richie.

Narrator: Stacy was back with Doc and out of the store on weekends, which was all I ever wanted. Doc said he was gettin' another cashier. Whoever it was, they'd have to be better than Stacy.
Mr. Fong: Hey, Lionel Richie, you're late! Get busy! Scrub floor!

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