Everybody Hates Eggs
Everybody Hates Eggs was the 11th episode of the second season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 33rd episode overall of Everybody Hates Chris. It premired on January 22, 2007.

SHORT SUMMARY: For a lesson on parenting skills Chris is given an egg to take care of as if it were his child. When the electricity bill is over budget, Julius decides to figure out why. Drew a werewolf? That's what Tanya thinks so she's afraid to sleep.

Narrator: It seemed like everyone had advice for raising a baby.
Kill Moves: You need to teach this boy how to protect himself. Now, I suggest the Brazilian two-finger neck snap! Want me to show you how it works?
Mr. Omar: Teach the baby to honor the mother and the father, and if the father should meet a tragic death, the baby shouldn't be upset if the mother makes friends with a nice man.
Woman: [off-screen] Omar, I need more bubbles!
Mr. Omar: Gotta go.
Risky: Teach this baby the difference between the knock-offs and the real thing. For instance, "Gucci" does not have an "H" in it.

[Ms. Morello gives Chris a brown egg to care for]
Ms. Morello: They're all the same on the inside.
Narrator: Except my egg's gonna get pulled over by the police more.

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