Everybody Hates Greg
Everybody Hates Greg was the tenth episode of Everybody Hates Chris. It premired on November 24, 2005. It was written by Howard Gewirtz and directed by Jerry Levine.

SHORT SUMMARY: Chris and Greg fall out when they break the rule of 'no computer games' after school at Greg's house. Back at the Rock home, Tonya is missing Chris as she can't blame everything on him.

Rochelle: So who put this pot on the stove?
Drew: Wasn't me.
Narrator: Because of those two words, Drew never got in trouble.
Rochelle: Who tore up my back seat?
Drew: Wasn't me.
Julius: Who left my nickel layin' out here on the sidewalk?
Drew: Wasn't me.
Rochelle: Who spilt this oatmeal?
Baby Drew: Wasn't me.
Narrator: Would you believe those were his first words? [Young Chris drops his spoon in shock]

Rochelle: [to Tonya] What is this mess girl?
Tonya: [realising she has no scapegoat] I was just trying to make hot chocolate.
Rochelle: [firmly] I don't want you foolin' around with this hot chocolate again, do you hear me? [as Chris enters] Now get upstairs before I make yo' behind hot!
Narrator: I thought I'd see George Bush in a do-rag before Tonya got in trouble.

Rochelle: I know you're not out there sellin' drugs. I mean, you could be the kingpin of a Colombian drug cartel for all I know.
Chris: Momma, I'm not out there sellin' drugs.
Rochelle: How do I know that?
Narrator: My mother had one goal in life for her kids: don't sell drugs. As long as they weren't doin' that, almost everything else was gonna be OK.
Policeman: Ma'am, your son shot the mayor.
Rochelle: Did he sell drugs?
Policeman: No.
Rochelle: Get in here, boy.
[Another cutaway]
Ploiceman: Ma'am, your son killed the governor, kidnapped his daughter, robbed the President and ran a red light.
Rochelle: He ain't sell no drugs, did he?
Policeman: No, ma'am.
Rochelle: Boy, get in here.

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