Everybody Hates Hall Monitors
Everybody Hates Hall Moniters was the 12th episode of the second season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 34th episode overall. It premired on January 29, 2007.

SHORT SUMMARY: Chris becomes a hall monitor at school to get some respect, but no one takes him seriously. Meanwhile, Julius grows weary of Rochelle complaining about her new job. Tonya gets frustrated because her girlfriends spend more time with Drew than with her.

Narrator: Later, I was thinking about Greg, and I wondered how my heroes would handle bein' a hall monitor. I thought about how Mr. T would handle it.
Chris: [as Mr. T] I pity the fool who ain't got no hall pass.
Narrator: I thought about how Dirty Harry would handle it.
Chris: [as Dirty Harry] Well, I know what you're thinking. Was that the first bell or the second bell? Well, you have to ask yourself one question: Do you feel lucky? Well, do you, punk?
Narrator: I even thought about how the Terminator would handle it.
Chris: [as the Terminator] No citation? I'll be black.

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