Everybody Hates Minimum Wage
Everybody Hates Minimum Wage was the eighth episode of the third season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 52nd episode overall. It premired on November 19, 2007.

SHORT SUMMARY: Chris quits his job at Doc's store and gets another job at a Chinese restaurant called Hoo's Hunan because he isn't getting paid minimum wage; Rochelle becomes a hair model for an upcoming hair show. Meanwhile, Julius visits Drew's school in order to find out why he's failing history tests.

Narrator: If you listen closely, you'll learn how to say the "N" word in Chinese.

Mr. Fong: What are you doing?
Chris: Oh, I finished the dishes, so I decided to start my homework.
Mr. Fong: No homework! You have work-work!
Chris: But Doc always let me start my homework.
Mr. Fong: Well, you are not at Doc's anymore! Go fix the menu numbers!
Narrator: I was gettin' minimum wage and havin' minimum fun.

Narrator: No matter what I did, it seemed like I was supposed to be doin' somethin' else.
Chinese Chef: [speaking Chinese] You're sweeping my foot, fool!
Narrator: When I washed the floors…
Mr. Fong: Lionel Richie, set the tables!
Narrator: When I set the tables…
Mr. Fong: Lionel! Organize the fortune cookies!
Narrator: When I organized the fortune cookies…
Mr. Fong: 5:30! Lionel Richie, go wash the dishes!
Narrator: He wouldn't talk to the real Lionel Richie like that.

Mr. Fong: He who sleeps at work wakes up with a foot in the ass.

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