Everybody Hates Mother's Day
Everybody Hates Mother's Day was the 21st episode of the third season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 65th episode overall. It premired on May 11, 2008.

SHORT SUMMARY: When Chris attempts to buy Rochelle perfume as a Mother's Day gift, he discovers he cannot afford it and buys it from Risky. However, Rochelle breaks out in hives and takes Chris to the store she believes he bought it from. Meanwhile, Drew and Julius do a spot of spring cleaning and make an expensive find.

FULL RECAP: We could probably also call this episode "Everybody Hates Macaroni", as it's the desire to not make a Mother's Day gift out of the cursed pasta that gets Chris into trouble this week.

Tonya joins a music club so she can spend a penny on a Patti LaBelle record for Rochelle, and seven Billy Ocean records for herself. Julius busts her when the real bill comes in, but she can keep the records as long as she does more chores.

Julius and Drew go hunting for a valuable Voltron toy that Julius made Drew give away. Of course, Drew finds it at their local Salvation Marines only to let another little kid have it. Julius is okay, but having lost out on $150 can you blame the man for vomiting in the car?

Chris gets banished from Goldstein's when he almost steals a bottle of the Pure Voodoo perfume Rochelle wants. So he gets a $20 knockoff from Risky, which fools Rochelle until she breaks out in a rash. They try to return the bottle, where Chris is exposed for the well-meaning though foolish son that he is. All seems to be forgiven until Rochelle digs up the macaroni belt Chris made for her in the third grade. Dang.

Greg: Hey, check out what I made for my mom for Mother's Day: macaroni pajamas.
Chris: Don't you think you're a little bit too old to be making macaroni presents?
Narrator: When Greg got engaged, he gave his fiancée a piece of rigatoni.

Adult Tonya: [narrating] Hey, you shut up, too.
Narrator: Get outta my voice-over booth, woman! This is "Everybody Hates Chris," not "Everybody Hates Tonya!"
Adult Tonya: [narrating] Whatever.

Rochelle's gifts

  • flowers in an expensive vase from Julius
  • shoulder pads from Drew!
  • Patti LaBelle's Winner in You from Tonya
  • "Peur Voodoo" from Chris

Billy Ocean records purchased by Tonya

  • Filipino Queen
  • Live at the Pacific Ocean
  • Billy Ocean's Greatest Hits
  • Billy Ocean Sings Frank Sinatra

Macaroni Presents Chris has given Rochelle

  • macaroni ashtray
  • macaroni insoles
  • box of macaroni
  • macaroni belt

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