Everybody Hates Promises
Everybody Hates Promises was the seventh episode of the second season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 29th episode overall. It premired on November 12, 2006.

SHORT SUMMARY: Chris finds out that he can't fulfill his campaign promises as class president, causing him to become increasingly unpopular at school; Rochelle's brother comes to stay with the family temporarily but shows little interest in finding a job or moving out.

Narrator: After talking to Greg, I imagined what my father would say to me.
Julius: So you just gonna quit, huh? All these people who made it possible for you to become the first black class president, and now you just gonna quit?
Tuskegee Airman: Yeah. And what if we quit? Black people would never have become pilots.
Aunt Jemima: If I had quit, pancakes would taste like crap.
Cream of Wheat Man: If I had quit, Cream of Wheat would've been called "Cream of White!"
Uncle Ben: If I had quit, it would take hours to cook rice.

Narrator: Back at school, I stopped making promises and started making demands.
Chris: I'd like all book reports to be on books that were made into movies.
Ms. Morello: Are you high? I'm asking, not judging.
Chris: No, I'm just trying to fulfill my campaign promises.
Mrs. Milone: Just for curiosity's sake, what else did you promise?
Chris: A TV in the library, more field trips, instituting recess, and no more detention.
Ms. Morello: Chris, how are you going to know how to act when you get stopped by the police if we don't give you detention?

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