Everybody Hates the New Kid
Everybody Hates the New Kid was the ninth episode of the third season of Everybody Hates Chris. It was the 53rd episode overall. It premired on November 26, 2007.

SHORT SUMMARY: Chris is happy when another black kid named Albert arrives at his school, but Greg worries that Chris will forget about him. Meanwhile, Rochelle gets an unexpected tax refund and goes on a shopping spree, but Julius is concerned that the IRS will come and take back the extra cash.

Narrator: After two years at Corleone, I'd gotten used to bein' the only black kid, but it had two major downsides. One downside was I was the only black kid, and the other was I was the only black kid.
Ms. Morello: Let's celebrate the day Chris' people finally realized they were emancipated! Happy Juneteenth, Chris! [blows a party horn in Chris' face]
Narrator: I thought things would never change, but then Albert arrived.

Ms. Morello: Chris, you must be so happy. You must feel just like Jackie Robinson when Larry Doby arrived.
Narrator: More like Robert Parish when Dennis Johnson showed up.
Chris: Who's Larry Doby?
Ms. Morello: He was the second black man in baseball, but he was taller than Jackie… and more… strapping. His strong shoulders and Nubian profile, his Cleveland Indians uniform complimented by the rich caramel color of his skin, and the way he swung his bat.
Narrator: Forget jungle fever, she's havin' a jungle seizure!

Julius: I'm not hungry.
Narrator: For my father to waste food, that could only mean one thing: hell must've frozen over.
The Devil: Damn, it's cold!

Rochelle: Now, eat the damn cereal!
Narrator: Eat The Damn Cereal, comin' soon from Kellogg's!

Narrator: Back then there were barely any shows about black people. Kind of like how it is today!

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