Everybody Hates the Part-Time Job
Everybody Hates the Part-Time Job was the twelfth episode of Everbody Hates Chris. It premired on January 19,2006. It was written by Aaron Abrams & Gregory Thompson and directed by Tamra Davis.

SHORT SUMMARY: When Chris needs $50 to buy a leather jacket to look cool, Julius suggests he comes to work delivering papers with him. Meanwhile, after their school is closed to be re-painted, Drew and Tonya engage in a game of "dares" which ends in tears when Tonya is taken to the emergency room after being dared to drink a "hot-sauce shake."

Chris: [to Julius] I was hoping you could give me an allowance?
[Everyone suddenly looks at him in shock, especially Julius]
Narrator: I know it sounded like an innocent enough question, but here's what he he heard:
Chris: Since you work like a slave all day, and don't have any time to enjoy your own money, can I have it? [Draws same response as before]

Julius: I'm not givin' you money for walkin' around doin' nothin'. An allowance? I allow you to sleep here at night. I allow you to eat them potatoes. I allow you to use my lights. I allow you to drink my Kool-Aid. I allow you to nibble on them green beans. I allow you to look at that TV. I allow you to run up my gas bill. I allow you to walk up my stairs. I allow you to ask me these ridiculous-ass questions. Why should I give you an allowance when I already paid for everything you do? Who you know that gets an allowance? Huh?

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