Rochelle is Chris' intimidating and sassy mother. She is an extremely lively lady, who runs her household on a small fixed budget. However, she does not like her family being looked down upon. She is a woman of strong will who gives love and care to her family. She is always eager to help them and keeps her eyes open to safeguard them from wily people.

She always threatens Chris with exaggerated threats of physical punishment. She is mild-mannered and affectionate. Rochelle always quits her jobs for no reason(stating that her man has two jobs), sings terribly, obsesses over Turtle chocolates, recommends Robitussin for every ailment, and always makes sure her children aren't making babies-for her to raise anyway.

"I do not need this, my man has two jobs!"
"I'll go get the Robitussin!"
"I ain't raisin' no babies!"
"You better not be selling drugs."
"Don't come home stupid!"

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